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Transient Books

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Transient Books
Absolutely from scratch custom bound blank journals / sketchbooks
From Scratch Custom Blank Journals
Custom Blank Journal Custom Blank Journal
Custom Blank Journals

The Absolutely From Scratch Custom Bound Blank Journal/Diary/Sketchbook
The dimensions of the diary (height, width, number of pages).
The blank pages: the amount, the color, the weight, etc.
The binding style: depends on the number of pages and the size of the book.
For books less than 100 sheets/200 pages, we recommend the Flat Back Binding or the
Reinforced Perfect Binding.
For books more than 100 sheets/200 pages, we recommend the Tight Back Binding.
The color of the
Outside Cover Paper
The color of the Binding Canvas
Text or Image can be printed or inlaid on the cover.
Ribbon Page Marker (optional).

A Note on Covers: Hardback journals are our standard, but if paperback (card-stock) covers interest you, feel free to inquire. We accommodate.

The possibilities are infinite! We love how our clients surprise us with new ideas.
Folks have ordered custom bound journals or sketchbooks for anything from composition books for musicians to oversized books for art installations. Not to mention church registries, memorial service guest books, executive gifts for business partners, hunting lodge books, poem journals, dream journals, Books of Shadows, baby books, wedding albums, scrap books, travel journals, huge books for pressing flowers, writing workshop journals, fraternity registries, even a guest book specially made for a labyrinth. What do you need?

DECKLED EDGES are also an option
(The outside edge of the book block is hand-torn)
deckled edges
deckled edges

House your custom blank diary in a Clam Shell Box
 OR house your custom blank diary in a Hard Back Slip Case
Standard Blank Journal with Clam Shell Box

Price depends on book size...
You choose the color of the cover, inside and out.
Text and/or image can be inlaid onto the cover.
Click here to see more clam shell boxes.

Price depends on book size...
You choose the color of the cover, inside and out.
Text and/or image can be inlaid onto the cover.
Click here to see more hard back slip covers.
Standard Blank Journal with Hard Slip Case

We gladly ship to other countries. E-mail us for pricing info.

HOW TO ORDER OR MAKE AN INQUIRY: Please copy and paste the following text into an e-mail message to us and we will get back to your shortly with a price quote:

Number of Journals desired:
Color of Cover Paper? See Color Palette at http://www.transientbooks.com/TransientBooks_BOOKCOVERcolorpalette.pdf
Color of Binding Canvas? See Color Palette at same link above.
Text on the Cover? (Please specify font, approx. font size and placement)
Inlaid image on the cover? (Please specify placement approximate size. Send us jpeg image as an email attachment.)
Would you like a thin ribbon page marker included? (Please specify any color preferences.)
Height of blank journal:
Width of blank journal:
Number of sheets/pages desired (1 sheet= 2 pages, front and back):
Cream or white blank pages? Or?
Deckled edges?
Other misc. design elements I'd like my journal to include:
Please send me a price quote for a Clam Shell Box and/or a Hard Back Slip Case. y/n
Must have my custom bound journal by: (date)

PHOTO GALLERY Absolutely From Scratch Custom Blank Journals/Sketchbooks produced by Transient Books:

Fraternity Register Book, 8.5 x 11 inches, 150 sheets, Tight Back Binding. Burgundy Cover Paper, Mustard Spine Canvas. Guest Book for a Hunting Lodge. 11.5 x 9 inches. 300 sheets/600 pgs. Burgundy Cover Paper and Binding Canvas. Inlaid Image on Cover. Large Tight Back Blank Journal used as a wedding gift. 11 x 14 inches. 200 sheets/400 pages. Dark Moss Green Cover Paper, Black Spine Canvas. 15 x 12 inches, 400 sheets/800 pgs. Wrinkled Burgundy Cover Paper, Black Spine Canvas. Wedding Guest Book, 8.5 x 11 inches. Flat Back Binding. Purple Cover Paper, Gray Spine Canvas, Inlaid Image. 8.5 x 8.5 inches, Flat Back Binding, Blue Spine Canvas, White Cover Paper. Used by a Photography Studio for its clients.
Large Flat Back Blank Journal used by an Architecture Firm for its clients. 8.5 x 11 inches. Black Spine Canvas, Gray Cover Paper. 8.5 x 6.5 Blank Journal, Tight Back Binding, 200 sheets/400 pgs. Mustard Cover Paper, Burgundy Spine Canvas.
Large Flat Back Blank Journal used as an executive gift for CEO, 11 x 14 inches, with Clam Shell Box. Large Tight Back Blank Journal, 11 x 14 inches, Hotel Guest Book
Get inspired! See a bunch more great ideas in our endless photo archive.

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